1st Sgt Salsa

Gourmet Food Products

We hand-make all of our wonderful gourmet food products in small batches, specializing in gourmet all natural Salsa, Jellies, Sauces/Glazes, BBQ Rubs, Dry Soup Mixes and a World Champion Snack Mix.

We are a nonprofit organization where everyone is a volunteer so we can help more individuals and families.

Owner Profile

Scott & Debbie Weatherly

I’m a retired Air Force 1st Sgt with over 23 years of service. While I the service I was a Jet Mechanic on C-130, OV-10 and HH-53 aircraft with 6-yrs as a 1st Sgt.  I have been on numerous deployments including Rwanda, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. While in the military I suffered a broken back twice in numerous locations and beat cancer. After learning to walk again I began the company of a way to give back to other military brothers and sisters for their service.