Handmade Beard Oils and Beard Balms using only Non GMO and Organic ingredients. We Provide our Bearded Brethren the highest quality crafted products, capable of  handling Your Majestic Manliness and all its Glory!

3B, Helpin the Backwoods Man keep up in these Modern Times.


Owner Profile

S.W.Balzanna III

Prior Service Army Infantry, OIF/OEF Veteran. After years of unrest, I've finally obtained a lil peace livin this here backwoods life. We push for as much self sufficiency as possible, We install and guide other like minded folks in the operation of their own Backyard Aquaponic Systems. We raise or hunt our meat, eggs, vegetables and milk. Our Focus here at 3B is to show folks the real Backwoods Livin, and also enable others to achieve their own level of self sufficiency.