Custom Holsters, Tactical Training & Firearms Training.

100% Veteran Owned

At 4BEST, we accept custom orders. We specialize in meeting (and exceeding) specific needs for EVERYONE, and one of the request we get most often is for our custom kydex holsters.

Custom Holsters (Kydex): It’s important that custom equipment is well-fitted, easy to use and lightweight. All designed for the customers needs.

4BEST Firearms training demands that we meet the highest standards of professionalism, but that means more than looking the part. Our clients must be ready to resolve any threat at any time, so they must make the decision to draw or holster their sidearm in millisecond.

Our training ensures that you are both accurate and capable of discriminating treats from non-hostile personnel. When you leave it to our professionals to handle any security situation, you relieve yourself entirely of liability resulting from threat resolution activity.

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Owner Profile

Gilberto Zavala

I am homegrown from a small town of Falfurrias, Texas. My three siblings and I were raised by my mother, and although we grew up with nothing, she is the first strongest woman I know and looked up to. The second being my beautiful wife. I graduated Falfurrias High school in 1998 and joined the United States Army a month prior to that. Within three years of joining, I was sent to Airborne School where I learned real quick that my knees would never be the same. The Army then sent me to Sniper School not too long after being in the unit, which proceeded to my passion of precision shooting. Multiples deployments and one Purple Heart later, I retired with 20 years of service, which is why my wife is the second strongest woman I know. I believe my purpose in life is to help. In the Army, my soldiers were always ready. Not only did I maintain keeping all my soldiers informed and up to par in the best training, but I ensured that they would be prepared for any situation that they would encounter in day to day life or in a combat situation. Now it is my mission to continue educating and training everyone with the best equipment to conduct their jobs in the best and elite way possible.