Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC

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Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC is a veteran owned and operated small business that specializes in next level cold brew coffee and fresh roasted, small batch, gourmet coffee from the finest coffee beans around the world! The love of all things coffee was grown and nurtured over a 20 year Navy career that expanded across the globe! That love of coffee is what we hope to share with you through our roasts and cold brews.

Attention to detail in bean selection and the roast process highlights and draws out the flavor profiles in the coffee beans, and will have your taste buds dancing with delight! Because we roast our coffee in small batches, we can guarantee that our roasted coffee beans will be fresh and the flavor vibrant when you receive your order!

Trust Anchored Coffee & Roast, LLC with giving you the finest gourmet coffee that is fresh roasted and top-notch in quality and flavor!

Owner Profile

William Davenport

Born and raised in the heartland, then started my Naval career at Great Lakes RTC. Spent time stationed in Florida and Virginia while deploying around the world numerous times. While deployed my love of coffee was strengthened and my roasting technique was developed. Navy Chief's have a high standard for coffee and Anchored Coffee and Roast exceeds that standard and then some! While being deployed around the world, I still found time to marry my beautiful wife and have 5 amazing daughters! I continue to develop coffee blends and flavor profiles to bring to the coffee loving people of the world!