Andy’s World Famous HeatYourMeat™️


Andy’s World Famous HeatYourMeat™️ isn’t new to the scene. This fiery, kicked up, mouth watering, flavor boosting, make you holler and grab your drink, seasoning, has been around for well over 35 years.
HeatYourMeat™️ contains NO SALT…NO PRESERVATIVE…NO FILLERS…GLUTEN FREE & KETO FRIENDLY !! It’s Just Hot Pepper and Spices!  That’s it! So the more you add… the more flavor and heat you get… not salt like in other seasonings!

Try sprinkling HeatYourMeat™️ spicy seasoning on steak or burgers for that extra powerful punch of heat and flavor your tastebuds have been longing for!!!

HeatYourMeat™️ is excellent on, steak, chicken, pork, burgers, fish, all types of game, pizza, pastas, soups, sauces, fried foods, french fries, chips, veggies, or whatever you can think of!!!

Use HeatYourMeat™️ in your favorite dishes to give them a fiery kick, or try using HeatYourMeat™️ as a foundation for some our simple and delicious recipes we give away for FREE!

HeatYourMeat™️ is a registered trademark of Andy’s World Famous LLC.

🇺🇸A Veteran Owned Business🇺🇸

Owner Profile

Marc Sorano

I served 9 years in the CT Army National Guard from 1996 - 2005, as a 44b (Metal Worker). First serving with the 242nd Combat Engineers, then took an E-5 position with the 712th Maintenance Co., where I eventually became SSG before discharging in 2005. HeatYourMeat™️ is a recipe that my Father, Andy (Marine Corps Veteran), created some 35 years ago. He came up with the name as well. Throughout the years he would blend and give away his creation with many accolades by all who tried it. About two years ago I set out to bring my Dad’s recipe to the masses. So I formed Andy’s World Famous LLC. and trademarked the name HeatYourMeat™️. We are currently selling this delicious spice blend on our website as well as a few local stores here in CT.