NonProfit Helping Veterans,mentally, financially,and physically

At Battle22, we’re focused on bringing veterans together, building friendships and networks out of the military. We’ll be taking group trips, for example, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking, camping, anything to build camaraderie and team cohesion. Battle stands for Band Arms Together Through Lifes Experiences, lets #end22 together and make all veterans know they’re not alone. Igy6.

Owner Profile

Chad Hubbell

Battle22 Band Arms Together Through Life’s Experiences, just like you I have struggled, A little about myself, I served 19 years before being medically retired, two combat deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan as a Counter Improvised Explosive Device Non-Commissioned Officer, My wife and I were in a horrible accident in 2014, I had a testicle ripped off and had a penile deglovement, I had a mesh implant put in my chest, I almost lost my wife, she was in a coma, broke all her ribs, scapula, lost her spleen, fractured her skull and had to have a titanium plate put in her skull, lost all functions of the left side of her face do to fracturing all her ossicles in her left ear and pinching her cn7 facial nerve, fast forward 2017 I got rocky mountain spotted fever, a little bit later on in 2017, Dec 27, 2017, two days after Christmas my wife and I lost our house and everything we owned to include all my military memories, uniforms, awards, and pictures of all my travels, you would think that’s enough right, well 2018 I found out I have a thoracic ascending aortic aneurysm that’s a little over 4cm. the VA cant figure out what's going on with my liver, life has been tough for me no doubt, but I won't give up, my family needs me, my kids need me, my battle buddies need me, But most of all, I need them, I need you, Don’t feel sorry for me because I don’t, I want to use my story to help others see life is beautiful, and we need you here, My mission is to bring about change with nontraditional mean, that is why I am partnering with the power-sports and outdoor community to bring forth change and bring veterans together. Thanks, Battle Out.