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Sailors know good coffee!
Battleship Beanery Micro-Roast was spawned by our own retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer in a sincere desire to find and roast the very best coffee beans to create the very best “cup a Joe” possible. Also, an avid coffee drinker, Chief D brings 21 years of deck plate leadership to every single roast. Taking green coffee beans and roasting them to perfection is a dedication and a passion.

Most coffee today is roasted and canned or bagged in bulk by the big guys. Although some of the big guys can make a decent cup of coffee, by the time it goes from the #roaster to the distributor, to the big chain stores or coffee houses, and then finally to your home cup it is stale and no longer at its peak freshness. Fresh coffee is beans that are roasted and then ground and brewed to the cup within three weeks of roasting. The big guys just cannot get it to the cup that fast.

Battleship Beanery roasts its beans in small micro-roast portions after the order, then bags and delivers the beans to the customer within three weeks or less ensuring that just-brewed cup of Joe is as fresh as possible. You may have had good coffee, but until you have had coffee within three weeks of roasting, you have never had GREAT coffee.

Give it a try, you will definitely not be disappointed!

Jody S. Dellinger
U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer (Retired / 1988-2009)

Owner Profile

Jody Dellinger

Retired from the Navy after 21 years of service on 31MAY2009. Naval Service: 18APR1988 to 31MAY2009 Duty Stations: Bootcamp in San Diego, Damage Control School in San Francisco, USS Niagara Falls (Desert Storm) in Guam, USS Proteus in Guam, Recruiting In Orlando, USS Carney in Jacksonville, FL, Instructor Duty in Great Lakes (Chicago), USS Abraham Lincoln (Iraqi Freedom) in Everett WA, Afloat Training Group PACNORWEST in Everett WA.