Blabbermouth Chocolates

We’re a family operated Chocolate business who specializes in manufacturing and distributing 7 different Coffee Chocolate Bars. Each bar offers approximately 90 mg of caffeine except for our Double Caffeinated French Roast bar, which offers twice the caffeine boost. The bars are a great alternative to that cup of coffee especially when you’re On the Go. Each bar is hand wrapped and labeled by our staff members.
We started our business back in 2014 and over the last 5 years we’ve expanded our footprint by creating additional coffee bar flavors as well as other non-caffeinated products such as our Honey Whiskey Caramels, Chocolate Caramels, Salted Caramel Whiskey Truffles, Chocolate Covered Italian Black Cherries, Peanut Brittle, Toffee and much more. Today you can find our Coffee Chocolate Bars local regional Safeway Stores, Colleges, Technology Campus and various Truck and Travel Centers across the nation.
Gary is an Army Veteran who now handles the Sales and Marketing for our company while my Darlene is the Chocolatier. Our staff consists of a fellow veteran, Marine and other part-time employees.
We decided to name our business Blabbermouth Chocolates because my wife Darlene accused me of being a blabbermouth. We were in the early stages of creating the business and I got so excited about it I just couldn’t keep a secret, hence the name was born.

** Discount Code vrv10 for 10% off on all orders except sale items and those containing alcohol.

Owner Profile

Gary & Darlene Kramer

Gary-SP5 US Army- D Team 52nd USA Artillery Detachment Oedingen, Germany 1966-1968 HHC 12 Combat Aviation Group, Long Binh, Vietnam 1968-1969 Darlene Background in Accounting and Bookkeeping Chocolatier for Blabbermouth Chocolates
Lincoln Boulevard 448
Lincoln 95648 CA US
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