Breach or Bypass

Patriotic Gear and Coffee

Breach or Bypass started out in 2019 as a profit gap to support our nations homeless veterans.  For us, we give over 75% of our profits to assist in feeding, clothing, and housing the homeless.  We started out with specializing in Combat Engineer, Engineer, and Patriotic themed clothing.  After COVID-19 affected the world, we had to quickly reassemble our team to conduct further outreach in order to stay relevant.  We ventured into shoes, masks, and coffee.  This has been a great success story for us and we are excited for future expansions in 2021.

Owner Profile

Michael & Shilan Leisure

Michael spent over 27 years in the Marine Corps and retired in 2018 as a MGySgt.  Shilan served 4 years in the Marine Corps and 8 years in the Army National Guard as a Sgt.  They have volunteered for decades for local and national veteran organizations.