Bunker to Bunker

Heroes Dont Lay Up

BUNKER TO BUNKER was founded by three Army Soldiers currently serving who wanted to create a brand that strengthens the relationship between the game of golf and the Military. BUNKER TO BUNKER is a Patriotic Golf Gear Company influenced by the Military and the lighter side of golf, we strive to generate a product that gives Service members and supporters a marquee to call their own. Our motto, “Hero’s Don’t Lay Up” defines America and those who risk their lives for the greater good of our nation.

Coinciding with our golf gear, BUNKER TO BUNKER is focused on reducing the barriers to the game of golf. We are dedicated in creating a positive environment of energy and excitement while utilizing golf as a weapon to combat the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress.

What 9 holes of golf and the fellowship surrounding it can do for mental health is incredible. “So, get out there and enjoy a round”.

You can learn more about our mission, changes in the company, upcoming events and information by following us on Instagram @bunker_to_bunker and Facebook at Bunker to Bunker.  Go take a look around in their supply room at www.bunkertobunker.com

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My name is Roman Arguello, I am an active duty Soldier who also happens to be a die hard golfer. While serving in the U.S. Army, I've been lucky enough to have been stationed all over the world. During these adventures, I found golf (or it found me) and I've been hooked since day one. Golf has been one of the constants in my life during the geographical moves and has embedded itself within my family as well. The relief from stress it brings, along with meeting great people has been such a blessing in my life. The game has afforded me some life changing experiences and lifelong friendships.  One of the opportunities golf awarded me was being an entrepreneur. Along with some great battle buddies, I've created my company "Bunker to Bunker." Bunker to Bunker is a golf clothing line inspired by the Military and its members. As a group, we have experienced some of the same correlating events from the game. Whether it is the camaraderie it builds or  feeling the benefit of stress relief after a tough training week, we all agree that golf needs to be branded as a military forum. We're committed to creating a brand that Military personnel accept as their own while sharing our stories and information on some of the blessings golf gives back. There are many outlets and avenues that the Active Duty Soldier has the opportunity to take advantage of, if he or she knows where to look. We are trying to bridge that gap. Kiawa Island offers a generous 75% discount to Active Duty Members. Many military members view Kiawa as untouchable due to the high end prices and its reputation.  I myself would have never known about this game-changing discount if it wasn't for some extensive research. Since then, my family and I have played most of the Kiawa Courses, preparing reviews to help spread the word to other military families. I could go on and on about this type of unsolicited benefit to the Soldier and the positive impact it could bring. The work B4B has done with The Players Championship is incredible and Bunker to Bunker would love to contribute in any way possible. Whether providing information on veteran entrepreneurship or golf's undeniable positive impact to Military personnel. Looking forward to your response and hopefully building a relationship. Thank you for taking the time to hear our story. SSG Roman Arguello Senior Drill Sergeant D Co., 2-13th INF REG Owner Bunker to Bunker LLP (970) 652 - 8901 BunkertoBunker.com BunkertoBunker2019@gmail.com