Caisson Shaving Company

Premium Shaving Soaps and Supplies

Anyone that has served in the military can related to this statement: DRY SHAVING SUCKS!

I wanted to fix that issue as there is still no relevant products on the market in order to allow our soldiers a clean close shave while in the field. A soldier can bring an electric razor, but that is problematic. Shaving Foams and Creams will melt, leak or explode.

That’s what I came up with a premium Shaving Soap, using all natural ingredients: Shea Butter, Honey, Bentonite Clay, Glycerin. No detergent and no titanium dioxide helps to prevent irritation and inflammation attributed to most cosmetic shaving products.

Our soldiers can now get a clean and close shave while in the field, or have a great shaving soap to use at home for a barbershop quality shave.

Owner Profile

Travis Arnold

I am Travis Arnold from Orange County, California. I served in the US Army / National Guard from 2001 - 2013. My MOS's were initially all Field Artillery, 13B, 13E, 13D and 13R until switching to MP in 2008. I was then hired as a Deputy Sheriff in Southern Arizona until I moved to California in 2018. I currently work for a company that manufactures highly rugged computers but becoming an entrepreneur was always my dream and as a result I started Caisson Shaving Company!