Call Sign Coffee Company

Combat Veteran and Military Spouse owned

Combat Veteran and Mil-Spouse owned and operated. After 25 years of Army service as an Infantryman and 20 years of mil-spouse service, we understand the lifestyle, being the one deployed and the one holding the fort down at home, living overseas w/out family, moving every 2 years…ah, the list goes on.

We decided to develop a product that we are passionate about…COFFEE, so that we continue to give back and provide a portion of profits for Veteran and Mil-Spouse Service Organizations.

Owner Profile

Brynt and Lisa Parmeter

Brynt Parmeter hails from New Mexico and Colorado. He made his way to a military academy and on to service as an Infantryman for 25+ years, 3 deployments and 2 tours to Korea. He moved on to the civilian sector four years ago and still gives back through continued volunteer work for Army organizations such as the 26th Infantry Regiment and the office of the Sec. of the Army. Lisa Parmeter hails from West Virginia and volunteered for Army organizations for over 20 years. She became a certified coffee roaster and enjoys delivering a quality product to every customer. Most importantly, we give back to the communities that supported us for so many years. Help spread the word and don't forget your own call sign whatever you do in life! Thank YOU for your support!