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Infrared Inspections

We’re a Veteran Owned Business that specializes in helping our customers find ways to save money on their utility bills and make their homes more comfortable.

In a study performed by the Department of Energy, the results showed an average home could save up to 30% on their utility bills with proper insulation and air sealing!

I am a Certified Residential Thermographer and one of the few Certified Thermographers in Northern Colorado. I am trained to properly identify problem areas in my client’s homes with the use of Infrared Thermal Equipment. I can find areas of missing or improperly installed insulation, air leaks around windows and doors, water leaks that have no visible staining, electrical hotspots that could be potential fire hazards, and more!

Owner Profile

Randy Isaac

As a Certified Residential Thermographer at Catalyst Inspections, I specialize in helping my clients save money on energy costs by locating areas that may be missing insulation, drafty windows and doors, and clogged HVAC units. With the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera I can locate water damage that is hidden to the naked eye. Which, if left untreated can create an enviroment conducive to mold, posing a health risk to the home/ building owner. I am also trained in the art of interpreting and analyzing the thermal images in a way that makes sense to my clients. After serving 6 years Active Duty in the USAF, I look forward to serving you!