Cobra Three Alpha Clothing

Go ahead Optimize yourself!

Cobra Three Alpha Clothing Company, is a clothing company for those looking for good quality shirts and accessories without the in your face designs, that may have turned you away from those other companies. Cobra Three Alpha Clothing is for all we do not just specialize in Men’s but women too.  We have stickers, tumblers, beer can kooizes, t-shirts, and tank tops.

Owner Profile

Kody Lundell

My name is Kody Lundell. I served for 7 years in the Army with TANGO Security Force in Korea, Went to PLDC at Fort Lewis, Wa. and deployed to Iraq with 4th Infantry Division from Fort Hood in 2005. I continued to serve for 3 years in the California National Guard. I have had a very experienced civilian life. I have worked construction, Macy's women's shoes, at a bar, a carpet cleaning company, a couple plumbing distribution companies, a metal manufacturing company, Chipotle and I am sure I am forgetting a couple. I have grown tried of always working for some one else's vision. Someone else's idea of what a company should be and how it should be ran. So towards the end of 2018, I have put every bit of effort in putting together business meetings, manufacturers meetings. Product research, reading and examining the market. I feeling that even though the market is heavily saturated,this can still succeed. In order to do this I have to have a strong team around the company and all focused on the same goal. Providing a lifestyle clothing company, where when this gets big enough hires Vets, and active duty. Not only hiring but providing services for all members of this community. Thank you, Kody Lundell President/ Founder Cobra Three Alpha Clothing Company