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Helping Transitioning Veterans Channel The Power of Wealth

Switching careers is hard. Transitioning from the military is life-altering.

Veterans moving to the civilian world are juggling a lot through the transition process..

From personal worries: How are my family and I going to handle this change?…To professional challenges: “The military is the only professional job I’ve ever had!”

Everything seems new.

Even the way you tell time is different. 🕰

There’s also a steep learning curve when it comes to personal finances. For the first time, veterans are having to pay for – or are just trying to understand – taxable income, cost of living, medical insurance, retirement planning, workplace benefits…the list goes on.

There’s a reason they say it takes years to fully transition.

I know these challenges first-hand because I’ve lived them. After I ETS’ed from Ft. Carson, I attended business school at Notre Dame 🍀 for two years, thinking grad school would help me figure all this stuff out..It didn’t.

I showed up to my first “real job” in the consulting industry and “shock and awe” took on a whole new meaning. After a couple years, I decided I needed a change.

What I really wanted to do was to work with vets to help bring clarity out of confusion and to reach their full potential as a newborn civilian. The unfortunate truth is that the root cause of most angst and worry during this time frame is all-to-often money. 💰

That’s why I created my Transition With Confidence System. I’ve battle-tested this process with my veteran clients, reflected on my own experience, and studied how vets can truly channel the power of wealth.

Using some of my own hard-learned lessons, industry expertise, and top-level software/resources, I’ve been helping veterans not just “change jobs,” but accelerate through their transition toward the civilian life they’ve envisioned for years.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to leave me a message on LinkedIn, email me at Daniel.Kraak@Thrivent.com, or grab a spot on my calendar in the Featured section.

Owner Profile

Daniel Kraak

I’m a former Army Captain with corporate experience in health care, government consulting, and project management. I’m also dedicated to studying financial planning and taking the lessons that I’ve learned through my own experiences toward improving the lives of others. After leaving the Army, I earned an M.B.A. at Notre Dame and pursued a career in government consulting. Over time, I found that something was missing and quickly learned that I wanted a career where I could give back to the military community and help veterans navigate through the confusing and often intimidating transition into the civilian world. I now help veterans accelerate past their financial anxieties and confusion toward the civilian life they've dreamed of with my Transition With Confidence System. This system is underpinned by my financial planning philosophy - I believe that money is a tool to share memories with friends and loved ones, and that with careful planning we can all achieve a life free from financial worry.