Down Range Tavern

Burgers, Beers, Guns, America

First and Foremost We Never Forget! Most Importantly we NEVER FORGIVE!

We are a GWOT Veteran and LEO Themed Tavern

We exist because of those who serve and who have served!
“Downrange” is a term used for deployments overseas, usually in a war zone. There wasn’t a greater feeling than stepping foot back on U.S. soil. “Welcome Home” was usually the first sign you’d see being held up by loved ones. Some just exited the plane or ship and headed straight home without their family ever knowing they were coming. Some honorably came home under a flag. We remember all of them. We honor all of them. From us to you, we say:
“Welcome Home”!
Here at the Down Range Tavern, our mission is to make everyone feel welcome! Our saying is Welcome Home! We offer a safe and friendly environment, with a smoking bar area and a non-smoking dining area. We are open all day for great sandwiches and burgers, as well as snack foods for the late-night crowd. We are keeping it simple: 4 sandwiches and 4 Burgers, some snacks and munchies too! True to the history of PUB GRUB! We will have a variety of beers, liquors and some local favorites! Down Range Tavern is proud to honor Veterans and Law Enforcement Officers with discounts every day! Being a small business we will not be offering any substitutes or changes to the order.



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