Veterans Helping Veterans

I started up DV-6 after getting out of the military and realizing that the outside world had changed drastically. I had a friend of mine take me out in his UTV and I for a bit forgot about everything going wrong in my life. This was a changing event for me and I went out and bought a side by side and started chatting with other veterans experiencing similar problems like mine. We would take them up into the hills and go riding around and just have fun. This continued to grow till I needed a bigger UTV and I got a 4 seater. We take out groups for hourly, day, overnight, & longer rides as therapeutically needed. I run this entire program on my full time jobs income and also support my wife and my 2 boys on the same income, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are looking to get on the vendor list for alternative therapy with the VA but that is a long process. We have found many companies that are willing to help out if your social media following is enough where they feel they can recoup their investment, which is something I am working on.

I thank you for your assistance and your service

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Nick Robinson

I was in the Air Force from 1995-2001 and volunteered to be deployed everywhere and everytime so my fellow Airmen that had families didn't have to go. I got out and realized that the world had not stopped moving and I couldn't catch up so a couple years later I started DV-6. I am married for 8 years and have 8 and 6 year old boys. They like their dad just want to help no matter the cost.