Ellerman Consulting and Marketing, Inc.

Profit Retention, Legal Resources, and Privacy Management

It’s not how much you know, it’s Who you Know and Who they know!

Every person deserves to be heard and helped. It shouldn’t cost a lot to protect and defend profits. If others know how and why, you should know too. Let us speak to you and see how we can benefit each other.


Owner Profile

Rich Ellerman

After serving ‘87 - ‘91 in US Marine Corps (5811 Military Police) I worked in Big Box Retail Management for almost 25 yrs. In 2012 I was able to take advantage of my learned skills, return to college and complete a degree. I studied business as college courses and personal development for myself. I started working as an Independent Contractor for a Direct Sales Company, and began building an agency of like minded sellers. I was sought out by a Community College to partner with their Work Force Development Center to create and teach Leadership, Supervisory, and Management skills; Professional Selling; Customer Service; and Culture Awareness Courses. I work directly with businesses and self-employed people to be operationally efficient, protected, and aware of cost effective ways to control expenses and loss.