Enter Organics

Veteran Owned CBD Business

Enter Organics is a Veteran Owned Business, specializing in CBD products for you and your pets. Our products are “Veteran tested, Veteran approved!”. We offer Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and THC Free CBD items, along with skincare products, and CBD Beard Oil!

Don’t have a lot of information about CBD? No worries, visit our website and get up to speed on CBD and its benefits! Along with great products, solid information, we offer all veterans 20% off on all purchases! Email us to find out how! info@enterorganics.com

Our Motto: “Veteran tested, Veteran approved”.

We research different CBD brands and products to discover the best quality for you! Then, we find the best price and make it easily available. We strive to make your experience using CBD great. Why? Because CBD has helped so many with personal medical issues and their pets, plus it’s helped us as well!


Owner Profile

Dennis McCarthy

Dennis McCarthy, Owner of Enter Organics, Husband, Father, Veteran, FRIEND! Dennis is a U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran, serving from 1998 until 2004, he then sought a career in Law Enforcement. Dennis worked in different areas of policing in special assignments including Police K9 handler, Honor Guard member, Criminal Investigations Detective/ Cyber Crimes, and Public Affairs Officer. In October 2020, Dennis decided to leave law enforcement and pursue a career in Cyber Security. He now works as a Security Consultant. Since leaving law enforcement, Dennis began the work to start Enter Organics. After spending years in the veteran's community, helping those in need battle homelessness, PTSD, and other disabilities, Dennis found that #CBD products (Cannabidoil) created a better quality of life for so many of his brothers and sisters. An advocate for Veterans rights and Veterans lives, Dennis is also a standing advocate for the benefits of CBD!  Enter Organics provides the gateway for Dennis to continue helping others fight the invisible wounds and seek a better quality of life. Dennis is a voice in the community, if you would like to contact Dennis, please email us: info@enterorganics.com