FAT Graphix

Graphic Design

I have a great passion for what I do. I take the time to study your brand, you as an individual and I get my ideas from the vibes I get from your social media platforms/website. My work is 100% Custom to you. –

I primarily work with small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups, being small business myself I understand having a SOLID Social Media presence is absolutely necessary to succeed in today’s market.

Visual impact is key to capturing your customer’s attention.

Whether it’s a special event, giveaway announcement, holiday sale, services, menu items, or contact info, (animated) business flyers are a great way to build awareness.

Let me help you generate a buzz with custom digital animated flyers, display ads, banners or any other type of (Social Media) business content.

Owner Profile

Elizabeth Calderon

I’m an Active Duty Soldier (US Army) with a little over 15 Years of service. Currently, stationed in Fort Jackson, SC as a Master Fitness Trainer Instructor. Though Fitness is one of my passions, designing wins my heart.