Field to Grill AKA F2G

With a Bow, Gun, or Reel we bring it from the Field to the Grill

Taking and or teaching Veterans, First Responders, and Kids out on their hunting and fishing adventures.

Owner Profile

Rydell Danzie

I am from the most rural part of Alabama, I grew up hunting and fishing like most did in the area. We did not do it for sport, but for nourishment and family quality time. I received my first firearm at five years of age and have continued to be an avid meat hunter ever since. After serving my country in the military I continued to serve as a Child and Family Therapist up in the Northwest. In a twist of life I fell into the entertainment world and made the move to California. After successfully navigating the Acting, and Directing world, my life experiences came to a head as the host for the Gun TV on the Pursuit Channel. While residing in California I was always in Awe of people who were amazed at the "hunting" for your food aspect, and this is how Field to Grill a.k.a. F2G was born. Bringing you healthy recipes from the field. A Hunting/Cooking show where the Ocean and Wilderness is my Grocery store. With a Bow, Gun, or Reel.....We are bringing it from the Field to the Grill!!