Our Adventure Community design has been built to provide warriors with a partnership in a program specifically designed for each individual. There is no magic, “one-size-fits-all” program for warriors. As individually significant as each of us are, so are our Adventure programs. They…

  • Are tailored to physical disability, psychological hardship, social discomfort, and relationship adversity
  • Are outdoor recreation, experiential education, and continuing service opportunities.
  • Reunite us with honor, integrity, and purpose.
  • Are NOT set on a mandatory timeline, but one will be suggested that fits you best.
  • Are NOT an appreciation program. We are a brotherhood all deserving of the same appreciation.
  • Are internally designed by Forever Shepherd. We are a veteran owned and operated company.
  • Provide opportunity to challenge ourselves and each other.
  • Help us come alive and build the resilience to master chaos in the essence of life.

We create tight circles of trust in small group cultures that foster the development of strong, positive identities among participants. We can’t wait for you to join the team!

Owner Profile

Trey Atwater

About the Founder: Trey is a former Green Beret with combat service in Afghanistan on Special Forces Operational Detachment 7313 as an Engineer Sergeant. He also served with 3rd Ranger Battalion and the 82nd Airborne prior to 9/11. He is a husband, father, and a combat veteran. He has both struggled and overcome many aspects of transition into civilian life after taking off the uniform. Sharing his paths to success with others through overcoming obstacles together is the reason behind founding Forever Shepherd. It is Trey's belief that warriors are chosen to shepherd the world through positive interaction and leadership with perspectives derived from learning hard truths of the warrior way. Trey's principles derive from a life-long warrior's calling to serve others, free the oppressed, and fight for a cause greater than himself. He shares those core principles in leading the task and purpose of Forever Shepherd. This principle states: "The responsibility of the Shepherd cannot be shed from his heart as the fleece of his flock may be sheered." Trey Speaks directly on this in the introduction BLOG POST accessible on