We pay closing costs for home buying veterans in Colorado

Do you want to save thousands when you buy your home? We pay Colorado home buying veterans an average of $5,100 for their mortgage closing costs. Our Realtors and VA Mortgage Specialist each give back part of their paychecks to our clients at closing, greatly reducing (and often eliminating) their closing costs. We’ll also sell your Denver-area home for just 1%, saving you an average of almost $10,000 on commission fees!

Why spend more than you have to? With us you’ll get all the benefits and advantages of a local full-service Realtor and VA lender, but at a fraction of the typical cost, and with none of the drawbacks of using an online lender or discount agent in a hot real estate market. We pay you more (at closing, not after!) than all of the other programs out there like Homes for Heroes, USAA, VREB, and on top of that, you’re guaranteed to work with a Realtor and lender who work well together, a major advantage.

Why do we do it? Because we want to! We’re military veterans ourselves, and we’re the sons and daughters of veterans, nurses, teachers, and first responders. We understand service – it’s in our blood.

Our mission is simple: Make the home buying and selling process easier and more affordable for our clients. 


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Owner Profile

Seth Erickson

I’ve loved every minute of the 17 years I’ve been in mortgage lending, after serving as an aviation electrician's mate in United States Navy right out of high school. Home ownership is important to me, a milestone I want to help other veterans achieve every chance I get. It's the foundation for financial security! I’m also passionate about public service, community, and advocating for affordable housing and quality medical care for our military veterans (even the Marines). I have strong memories of my mother working herself to the bone as a nurse to be able to provide for our family of 4, all by herself. Back then, no groups like Front Range Heroes existed to help her become a home owner, so after years of renting (and living in our pastor’s camper trailer for a while) and saving every rare extra penny she could tuck away, my mom was finally able to purchase a small 2-bedroom home for us with a modest down payment. I didn’t understand the difference between renting and owning back then, but I understood how important this was to her and how excited she was when she was handed the keys. It wasn’t just a place to sleep at night, it was HOME for her family. These days she is providing hospice care for my grandfather, a genuine American hero who crewed a torpedo bomber during WWII. My mom is a hero who has dedicated her life to taking care of others, but she didn’t have anyone to help her on that home buying journey. I want to give back and help the very neighbors, friends, and family members who stabilize our communities and selflessly protect us, heal us, teach us, and save us when called upon to do so, just like my mom has done her entire life. That’s why I created Front Range Heroes. I share my paycheck with every veteran home buyer I work with, and so do the Realtors who are part of Front Range Heroes. I appreciate you! You and your family can count on me to always have your interests and goals in mind as I help you navigate the loan process. I intend to exceed your expectations in every possible way!