Grind Toothpaste

Get Activated.

Grind Activated Charcoal WHITENING Toothpaste with HYDROXYAPATITE, THEOBROMINE & Coconut Oil. Natural Teeth Whitener w/ REMINERALIZATION, Fluoride Free, Veteran Owned, Made in Utah (Mint Elevated) (4oz)

THE “ALL-IN TOOTHPASTE”:  Naturally whitens, strengthens enamel, combats cavities, freshens breath, soothes & moisturizes and polishes & cleans; with a taste that’s dialed in!  Plus anti-bacteria, anti-plaque, anti-microbal and anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
WHITEN WITHOUT WORRY:  We created the perfect paste – activated charcoal combined with 3 other natural yet powerful whitening ingredients + HYDROXYAPATITE & THEOBROMINE to strengthen enamel. This unique combination allows us to mindfully employ activated charcoal the way it’s intended – to whiten without worry.
INFUSED WITH HYDROXYAPATITE:  Backed by science; and considered to be safe (non-toxic) and effective for strengthening enamel. A natural mineral & the main component of our teeth, encompassing 97% of the enamel. In 1970 NASA created a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite to restore astronauts teeth following missions in space; and it’s been used in Japan to combat cavities for over 40 years. However, we use the real stuff – no synthetics here.
STRENGTH THROUGH CHOCOLATE:  That’s right, a natural chocolate (cacao bean) extract to assist with remineralization and potentially assist with hypersensitivity. Does it get better than this?  Yes… we added high-demand ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Ginseng, Black Tea, Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil and Mint.
MORE THAN A PASTE:  A paste with a purpose… Proudly Made in the USA, Veteran-Owned and Purpose Driven.  Our mission is to source the finest ingredients and employ the best toothpaste in the world, while helping veterans on the back-end. Brush your teeth and support our men and women in service. The first product you’ll grab each morning and last one you’ll use each night. A subtle reminder to get after it; grind; and never quit.

Our “NO WEAK SAUCE” guarantee: SLS Free, SLES Free, DEA Free, BPA Free, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free; Free from: Dyes, Peroxide, Triclosan, Parabens, Artificial Flavors or Artificial Sweeteners. Vegan Friendly. PETA Approved.

Grind. Rinse. Repeat.

Owner Profile

Roger L. Gindlesperger Jr

Grind is founded by Roger Gindlesperger Jr, an Army Veteran who served 20 years, including 13 years in Special Operations and 14 combat tours. Roger and his family designed Grind Toothpaste to not only combat cavities; but to inspire people to get after it - Grind and never quit; while helping veterans on the back-end.