Secure Firearm Storage

GunSittersĀ® is a secure storage facility designed to store firearms for responsible gun owners. Firearm owners are now able to take action to place their guns in their own personal storage space to keep control of them. Firearms are no longer stored improperly or available to those who may use them irresponsibly.

Owner Profile

Vince Damiano

Vincent Damiano is a combat-disabled veteran-turned business professional who served in the Marine Corps, Active Army & NJ Army National Guard (both part time & AGR). Vincent is a true Patriot who loves nothing more than the protection of his fellow Americans and those who serve their country. Along with GunSitters he owns several other businesses from Security, Martial Arts, Tactical Training & Consulting & Public Speaking. Vince constantly gives back to the community by offering special events for teens looking for positive role models to outdoor adventure classes for veterans. He also consults to Veterans looking to start their own business at no charge.