Heather Rose Photography

Candidly Transforming Reality Into Memories

We are a duo team of photographers that are diverse in the photography genre.  Our photography consist of Portraits, Gaming, Family, Pets, Landscape, Product, Toy, Business, Non-Profit Organizations, Food and we are always looking for ideas and ways to expand our creativity.

Owner Profile

Heather & Matthew

Heather and Matthew met in 2010 at a charity event for K9 for Warriors.  Heather was the Photographer and Matthew was the sponsored veteran with his service dog Bouncer.  Matthew is a veteran with PTSD/TBI that served 6+ years in the Army with 10th Mountain which included deployment to Afghanistan.  His service connection is 100% and is unable to work.  Matthew showed interest in photography and Heather started showing him how to use a camera and he would go with her to events and assignments as her assistant for him to gain more knowledge.  Photography has greatly helped him be creative and find an outlet.  Matthew even signed up for Photography at the local college to gain the knowledge of photography basics.  5 of his photos were selected to be entered into their Art Show in which 3 of them won awards and 1 will be on display in the deans office forever. Heather Freitag first entered into the art world as a child. Her interest in photography started as a teenager when the way of the world at the time was not digital, the memories of friends would be taken and preserved on film. Heather’s background in business administration has taken her back to focus on her passion in the medium of digital photography.  She decided to take action and put her dreams into motion and went back to college to study photography and found her niche as a lifestyle photographer.  Combining her training with her natural vision she brings a unique mixture of professionalism and passion to each shot. Fine Art has also truly captured her attention with the focus in the genre of Floral. Heather holds an Associate of Science in Professional Photography.