Homeless Not Toothless

Free Dental Care for Homeless Vets

We offer provides free dental care to homeless veterans. With our outreach partnerships, patients we see have made a commitment to be sober and seek full time employment. Our objective is to fix oral issues that would prevent our patients from obtaining work. We believe a great smile raises the pride and dignity of our veterans, resulting is full time employment, getting off the streets and turning their lives around. We are located down the street from the West Los Angeles VA, because of our location, we have a lot of homeless veterans in the surrounding area.  It is apparent just by driving through the community. We also know there is a need for the program as we receive calls from the VA asking if we have the capacity to do certain procedures they cannot do. Being able to help serve the veteran community after they served us, is important because we know the vet population of people are hardworking folks who just need help to reenter the work force.

Unfortunately, almost all of our veterans don’t qualify for dental benefits (veterans need to be 100% disabled in order to receive dental benefits) and sadly, some of our vets end up on the streets after not knowing how to deal with their mental health. Our ultimate goal with providing homeless veterans with free dental care is to enable them to obtain long term employment in order to end their experience of homelessness.

We have been providing free dental care since 1991, we officially became a non-profit in 2004 after the Department of Defense heard about our work and wanted to use our CEO, Dr. Jay Grossman, former LT. in the US Navy, in a recruitment campaign.  Since 1991, we have provided over $5 million in free dental care and have seen over 60,000 patients. We’ve been acknowledged for our work by numerous congressional elected officials, state governors, and past administrations. Some of the patients we have treated have been homeless for over 20 years and because of participation in our program, have gone on to obtained long term employment, ending their time on the streets, reconnecting with long lost family, returning to school.

Currently we have a waiting list of over 900 people and are seeking donations.

Owner Profile

Dr. Jay Grossman

Dr. J as his patients refer to him is a Navy Vet, a NYU alum and a dentist by trade. He has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA called Concierge Dentistry (www.conciergedentistry.com). He's been in the same location since transitioning out of service and enjoys hanging out with his family, participating in his local American Legion Post and trying new restaurants.