Household 5 Soap Company

Hygiene for Badasses

Imagine Bath and Body Works was bought out by AC/DC; that’s who Household 5 Soap Company. We make soaps that kickass for people that kickass. We don’t stop at soap, we make beard care, and skincare for men and women. We even make soaps for the family dog. Are you a Veteran? We even have a soap for your branch, Navy? – Deck Scrub. Marine – check out Leatherneck. Army? – Then rub our Dirty Privates all over. No matter the scent you choose – Household 5 will help you Smell. Less. Ugly.

Owner Profile

Jon Bradshaw

Jon was an Army grunt from 2000-2004. Like many Vets, after leaving the military Jon floated around without mission or direction. After meeting his would be wife in Tyler Texas in 2012 he graduated from The University of Texas in 2016. Now he and his wife Deyanira and their 3 kids live in Fort Wayne Indiana and work hard running Household 5.