Hurley Handmade Crafts

Customized Tumblers

I design and create customized tumblers. Almost everyone drinks coffee or water on the go, and I customize your stainless steel to-go cups! These tumblers keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for extended periods of time, I just make them look better!

Owner Profile

Jeanell Hurley

After graduating from the University of Missouri, I joined the US Army in 2007 as a Military Intelligence Officer. I deployed once to Iraq and once to Afghanistan during my 8 years on Active Duty. I served an additional 2 years in the Army Reserves before getting out of the Army to serve as a full time mom and wife. My husband is Active Duty Army as well. I started my business as a crafting hobby and had friends that really supported me making my hobby a business. Besides having a toddler at home, moving every year to two years makes it difficult to find and hold down a job. With my small business, I can still contribute to our finances while staying home with my kiddo!