Iron Life Apparel

Clothing brand
Zipcode: 80911

Iron Life Apparel is a non profit clothing company owned and operated by a USN Combat Veteran. The mission is the help in the battle against PTSD and Depression through fitness, yoga, massage, and anything else we can help with.

We provide free personal training, free workout programing, free yoga, and free massage therapy to those battling PTSD and Depression. We achieve this through the sales of our shirts and other products and our network of other companies that offer free services to Veterans in need.

Owner Profile

Dustin Sixkiller

13 Years Active Duty with the United States Navy. Retired as an AD1 (AW/SW) out of Norfolk, Virginia. Retired for PTSD resulting from a TBI suffered in combat. Powerlifting for 8 years with 3 National Championships, Various State records and still competing. Currently offering free personal training and programing to veterans in need.