Iuby LLC

Strategic Digital Marketing Company

At Iuby LLC we strive to help Veteran owned businesses develop strategic digital & social media marketing campaigns designed to build their brand awareness, community, and marketing efforts.

We specialize in targeted ad development, content strategy & development, community engagement, and audience enhancement.

If you’re looking to go viral overnight, we’re not the right fit. If you’re looking to grow your business and you desire to grow a community around your business, we’re here to help.

Every day we challenge the concept of big marketing requires big spending; we’ve yet to be proven wrong.

Iuby LLC, ‘Always Ready through Forward Observation’

Owner Profile

Kyle Hetrick

Hailing from the great state of North Carolina, Kyle Hetrick is the founder and CEO of Iuby, LLC, a social media marketing and strategic consulting company. He also works as a Staff Administrative Specialist for the Department of the Army and is an active drilling Reservist Military Police Sergeant in Salt Lake City, UT. Kyle hosts the WMD Project (aka Warrior Marketing Dialogue) podcast. A podcast about marketing big while spending small through the self-developed Warrior Marketing Strategy. The podcast also highlights Veteran owned businesses across the Nation. Kyle has a passion for service and a unique love of people that has helped drive him through 10+ years of community involvement and public service, and 11+ years of being in the Army. From working local law enforcement to DA Security at DPG to doing what he does now; Kyle's first and foremost thought has always been the war-fighter's success.