JDog Junk Removal & Hauling North San Diego

Residential & Commercial Junk Removal

JDog Junk Removal & Hauling North San Diego in California is a veteran owned and operated business serving our residential and business customers the Military way – Respect, Integrity & Trust. We strive to employ our fellow Veterans and transitioning Military personnel, in an effort to decrease the Veteran unemployment rate to less than 1%.

It’s our goal to keep 60-80% of what we haul away out of the landfills reusing, repurposing, or donating the items. We partner with local and national non-profits that help veterans, families and children in need: Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Green Projects LLC, Wounded Warrior, various local churches and local schools.

We make the junk removal process quick and easy by getting to you within 24 hours and always provide a free, no-obligation quote with no hidden fees. We have all the tools to effectively get your items out quickly. We offer no-contact, full service junk removal often times with same or next day appointments.

Be sure to check out our new reality tv series on Discovery with an encore showing on American Heroes Channel. Operation Hidden Treasures follows two veteran teams from JDog Junk Removal and Hauling as they take unwanted items from homes and businesses, then transform them into necessities, keepsakes and valuables for people in need.

Owner Profile

Jon Moore

I am a Navy Veteran. During my 20 years on active duty, I had four parachute recoveries and multiple survival equipment that I had inspected and or packed used around the world to save downed pilot & aircrewmen. I also managed the maintenance of multi-million dollar aircraft ensuring its safe operation. I also certified that the the aircraft were safe for flight for any configured mission. I was a key person in ensuring aircraft and personnel were ready at a moments notice during the Iraq surge deployment of 2006 through creative training processes. After my U.S. Navy career, I reunited with my family and used the down time to be Mr. mom to my two girls while finishing and obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Work Force Education and Development. After awhile, I found being home with the family was very rewarding and relaxing! However, I was missing the military camaraderie I had matured in. I decided to open JDog Junk Removal & Hauling whose mission was in line with my moral compass and core values of Respect, Integrity and Trust. Our mission is to employ other fellow veterans and their families providing service to our local communities while protecting our environment by sorting through each item in order to recycle, re-purpose, or donate to help reduce landfill waste.