Michelle Marie

Certified Financial Coach

I encourage and motivate faith-based women on their journey toward financial freedom, incorporating motivational and goal success coaching into the process so you are fully free as you move forward! I also work with families who are dedicated to becoming financially free together. I go beyond the traditional retirement and estate planning and get down to the basics. We work together to build an effective budget that aligns with your financial goals and brings you true financial freedom while walking out the journey.

Owner Profile

Michelle Lappin

I am a Certified Financial Coach who encourages Christian women desiring financial consistency for their future! I give you tips, encouragement, and loads of resources related to all aspects of financial coaching. My offerings were developed through lessons learned from my own financial freedom walk. As an Army combat veteran, mom, and Doctoral candidate, I understand the many facets of finances and daily living. My goal is always to help you become more confident as you walk out your personal financial freedom journey.