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Life, Health, and Disability Insurance

We are a fiduciary insurance broker providing custom insurance solutions for financial security and peace of mind. Nettles Insurance specializes in infinite banking, SGLI/VGLI/FSGLI conversions, traditional and term life insurance, disability, and surety bonds. We understand how to help families, professionals, and businesses find the right insurance solutions.

Owner Profile

Yushuwa Nettles

Mr. Yushuwa Nettles is a Marine Corps veteran, a former U.S. diplomat, and a real estate investor turned insurance agent. He is the founder and CEO of two small businesses and holds an MBA and a Master in Human Resource management. He didn’t intend to go into the insurance industry, but with a young family, he sought every opportunity to give them stability and to ensure the next generation in his family starts out in a stronger position than he did. While building his real estate investment company, he became aware of the value of whole-life insurance for use as collateral and a financial vehicle to position money. That sparked his interest and he embarked on a learning expedition to find out everything he could about how individuals, businesses, and even banks used properly structured whole-life policies as an asset to supercharge their ability to grow their wealth over time. After coming across a book from R. Nelson Nash, “Becoming Your Own Banker” he realized he was on to something. Recalling the words of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Author, Robert Kiyosaki, said: “If you want to be wealthy don’t chase capital gains, chase cash-flow”. Combining the two concepts he came up with a new financial strategy wherein he uses his whole-life policy as a personal bank to position money in a safe, liquid, tax-advantaged account that allows him to take advantage of compound interest for guaranteed growth and liquidity for investments. Now, he wants to share what he’s learned with anyone interested in securing their financial future and building a strong legacy for their loved ones.