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Veterans @neutralzonecommunity Gathering creates a safe place for veterans to experience a message of Hope, reflection time and Table Talk.  Too many veterans suffer from the unintended consequences of war.

#Stop22ADay #Camaraderie #Courage #Compassion #NeverLeaveOneBehind

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Sherry Ferriman

NCC, USN, Retired.  I spent my career serving sailors from "cradle to grave". At the time, that meant from enlistment to separation/retirement.  God called me as a third career to continue that mission.  I developed NeutralZone considering the veterans who are suffering from the unintended consequences of service.  NeutralZone is about a journey of healing.  I don't intend to convert veterans (first responders) to my train of thought or theology, but rather allow a safe space for them to find healing by sharing (#Courage) with other veterans (#Camaraderie) and find they are not alone (#Compassion).  Veterans have earned the right to live an abundant life, without the guilt and shame caused by what they did or didn't do, what they experienced or witnessed as a part of their military service.  Veterans will open up with other veterans before opening up to non-veterans.  I continue serve my brothers and sisters from cradle to grave.