Patriots Outdoor Recreational Therapy

Outdoor Recreational Therapy

Patriots Outdoor Recreational Therapy is a Veteran inspired and operated organization dedicated to impacting the lives of Veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress through year-round outdoor therapeutic activities. These life-changing opportunities encourage participants to push physical boundaries, learn new skills, and achieve individual and team objectives.

Most importantly, we hope to provide an environment in which participants can find a sense of camaraderie together, contributing to a meaningful and rewarding experience Veterans can carry into their everyday lives.

Owner Profile

Joshua Standing Cloud

Avid hunter, Fisherman, outdoors man,  and dedicated supporter of our armed forces. Joshua is a United States Marine Corps Veteran determined to provide the resources and business acumen needed to build strategic partnerships and enable fully supported outdoor recreational activities for our service-connected veterans.  Joshua knows what sacrifice, dedication and successes are all about and will bring these positive characteristics to Patriots Outdoor Recreational Therapy and our service-connected Veterans that suffer with PTSD.