Peachtails Apparel

Dual-Veteran Owned. Both the founders serve in the US Army (Active Duty & Reserves), while also fulfilling a higher calling, such as being part of the Special Forces Community, and representing women in STEM and Space exploration. We believe in being your best self and achieving your full potential— all while having the option to wear fun, functional, high quality active wear! We hope to not only bring you some of the best customized designs, but to also build a community of women that want to succeed and become the best version of themselves! Let us help you get there!

Owner Profile

Jennifer & Alex

<strong>Jennifer is the Owner & Founder at Peachtails Apparel (a DBA of Silvertails Apparel Inc.)</strong> She is a Hardware Design (Electrical) Engineer. She works in the Gov Contractor Business, and has been in Aerospace + Defense her entire career. She has a B. S. In Chemical Engineering, and finishing up a MSE in Electrical Engineering! She is the owner of JennElectric LLC @ where she shares her understanding of many topics ranging from Social Media to Electrical Engineering and much more! She blogs, reviews, and affiliates to build brand awareness for some of the best up and coming companies out there. She is a Reservist in the US Army currently serving our great nation! <strong>Alex is the Owner and Co-Founder of Peachtails Apparel (a DBA of Silvertails Apparel Inc.)</strong> He is an Entrepreneur who has co-founded and scaled multiple start-ups over the past decade from industries including Apparel, 3-D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, & App Development. He is an experienced Investor in the public and private markets. He is a 10 yr US Air Force Veteran and is currently Active Duty in the US Army Special Forces.