Project VERNA

Nonprofit organization for veterans

Non-Profit organization providing temporary and long term housing for military veterans and their immediate family members in a homesteading lifestyle, to empower and assist them towards self-sustainability.

Camp V.E.R.N.A. is located on 400 acres of secluded Maine forest. There is a brook for fishing and relaxing and the beginnings of a pond/swimming hole. We have started clearing trails for ATV’s and sleds, although there is a lot of exploring left to do.

Here at the camp, we have a LOT of animals…everything from a 700# pig named Lucy to a year old heifer named Mina, along with a small herd of dogs and cats. The veterans are welcome to help in the care and fun of the animals. In the near future, we hope to expand our livestock to include horses and goats, as well as adding to our current herds.

In between taking care of our veterans and animals, we are busy building more cabins (all ADA compliant). As veterans come out, they are invited to help with building their cabins…to the best of their abilities. For some, that means nailing in the last nail, while others are able to work right next to our crew.

One of our favorite things about the camp is how secluded we are; which means you can relax without the sounds of civilization intruding…no horns, no engines, no blaring music, nothing but nature. There is nothing better at the end of a long day than relaxing by the campfire and enjoying the sound of the crickets and frogs, the light of the fireflies and good company.

Camp VERNA caters to any military veteran and their immediate family that needs help. We take pride in our response time of 24 hours or less on answering a call for help. This camp is at no cost to the veteran and family, and is solely funded by Donations. If the veteran can get here; we will help to the best of our ability. At this time, we are unable to help with travel to the camp unless you are within 150 miles.


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Owner Profile

Rebekah & Joe Ariza

In 2012, my husband and I began a journey that would stretch across the entire United States and encompass VA Medical Centers in multiple locations. We started by moving from Oregon to Oklahoma and filing for Veterans Benefits for my husband. After four years of fighting...And another move...To Maine, my husband was finally recognized as an IU P&T Veteran. Along the way, we had a lot of help from various people and organizations, without that help we never would have made it. Now, it's our turn to give back. Together, with our friends and family, we are founding a camp for Veterans and their family members here on our property in Maine. We want to provide a safe haven for Veterans in transition from the military, a place for Veterans who need a stepping stone up, and a place where they can take their families and just get away for a while. As with all journeys, Camp Verna must begin with a single step. For us, it is the ability to begin building multiple cabins for Veterans. Any money donated will go directly to Camp Verna, for building and maintaining cabins for veterans, and down the road, for helping to bring them here. Thank you for your help!