The goal of Rapha 180 is to support a more natural lifestyle that includes, healthy eating, exercise, and natural healing with alternative medicines. We want to encourage positive thinking (Neuroplasticity) and spiritual growth while offering a community in which to receive support and help along the way! At Rapha, we do not want to treat you like a “customer” We want to walk beside you. We truly mean it when we say that Your Journey Matters to us! We understand that every person is uniquely designed and should be treated as such.

We did not happen upon this by chance nor are we entering this with no experience on our behalf. We too have had our share of pain, physical ailments, and a need for change. So, whether you are new to all of this, or a health guru, welcome, we are glad you are here!

Owner Profile

Summer Garcia

After watching my VET serve in the Marines and watching the pain and agony that he was in on a daily basis I knew there had to be an alternative to all the pharmaceuticals that the VA kept prescribing. I have been studying and researching Natural Remedies your years and knew it was time to start practicing what I have been researching. I created RAPHA 180 to help serve people with Natural Alternatives!