Red Lion Apparel

Pro Gun, Pro Police, Pro Military, Pro K9!

Red Lion is an in your face brand that is designed for the Alpha Human. Although we aren’t the founders of this space, we hope to be pioneers by providing you with some of the most bad ass apparel available today. We understand that without our loyal Alpha Nation that we simply would not succeed, and we thank you for that every day. Along with all the products that we offer, RLA is also a large supporter of Military and Law Enforcement working dog charities. We run “charity funding” campaigns in the form of custom apparel in order to give back to the warriors out there that don’t have a voice of their own.

Red Lion Apparel is a supporter of two main K-9 working dog charities we believe all Law Enforcement, Search & Rescue, and Military K-9’s should be afforded the same lifesaving protection as their human partners. These highly trained K-9’s dutifully protect and serve us every day and we believe they should be protected in return. Therefore your contribution will go to one of the following: and Both charities are vetted and a fantastic source to help accomplish our goal!

Owner Profile

Josh Dempsey

Josh Dempsey was born and raised in a small town in Texas, While a senior in high school he volunteered for the United States Marine Corps and completed boot camp in September of 2004. After spending several years in Okinawa Japan, Josh Deployed to Iraq several times for a total of 21 months. He voluntarily extended his contract for an additional 8 months during his last Iraq deployment before EAS for a total service of 4 years and 8 months. The next chapter in his life would lead him down a path that his father took early in life as a Police Officer. Josh graduated the Police Academy in January of 2010. He went on to be a correctional officer for 1 year before moving to being a patrol officer for the next 4 years. Josh found himself not being able to help others as he intended and working with restrictions and policies that he did not believe in so he decided to move on from law enforcement and work toward the goal of being self employed and still being able to support his three beautiful baby girls and wife Lauren. Today Josh works harder and harder every day to move toward that final goal in life which is complete independence from the corporate world. He currently holds a position in a Liquid Natural Gas Production plant, is partial owner in a residential construction company that strives to help local hurricane victims with property restoration at a reasonable trustworthy cost and is also founder and CEO of the newly launched Red Lion Apparel. RLA's main goal is making sure all local and national working K9 companions have the bullet and stab resistant vest that they need to stay safe and in the fight.