Relay Computer Consulting

We Help you Reach for the Cloud!

We are small business out of the great state of Utah.  We are a full agency that offers services such as Web Design, SEO and Social Media Marketing.  We are one of the fastest growing agencies in Utah and have clients that are located all over the United States.  We specialize in serving Veteran Owned Business and their families.  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or like us on Facebook!  Our mission is to continually help you grow your business and help you reach for the cloud!

Owner Profile

Jeff Norton

I started Relay with the hopes of improving small businesses located throughout the United States.  In the year we have been open we have created jobs, and been continually serving our Veteran and Non-Veteran clients with top notch service.  We are rapidly expanding as people love that small business family feel coupled with excellent can do attitude and customer service!