Sheepdog Support Co.

Putting veterans first in everything we do

We help military and veterans change their lives by providing specific courses that encourage personal growth. In providing these types of programs our goal is to lower the high suicide rates of the veteran community and give them back the hope and confidence in themselves that they may have lost after leaving the service.


The focus of our work has been more along the lines of:

“If you give a man a fish you have fed him for a day, If you teach man to fish you have fed him for a lifetime.”

We don’t believe in handouts, and really want to encourage and motivate the community that we serve to be the best they can be and to help them grow into their new lives once they leave the service.

Owner Profile

Ali Tucker, President

I have always felt this pull towards the military community, but I really decided to start this nonprofit after a brother took his life. He served in the military and had several injuries as a result of his service, but he never once gave any clue he was suffering inside. I am not an expert in mental healthcare but statistically the majority of those military/veterans that took their lives did not seek medical treatment for those issues. While I don’t discount the VA and the work they do, I do feel we need new ideas or a new approach to trying to get these numbers lower. The last estimate the VA put out was that 20 veterans or service members commit suicide every day.