Square Knot Apparel

Dress with Intent Live with Purpose
Zipcode: 24501

Square Knot Apparel is a men’s fashion accessory company founded, owned, and operated by veterans. All our products are hand selected and handmade to ensure the best selection and quality we can provide.

Owner Profile

Nathan Kolb

Nathan is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been running businesses since elementary school. Square Knot Apparel is his latest venture and the one that is closest to his heart. He is a passionate advocate for helping veterans to help themselves. Square Knot Apparel accomplishes this by teaching veterans design, sewing, and business skills that can be used to further their own ventures as well as Square Knot Apparel. Nathan has been serving in the Army since 2008 in both the Active and National Guard components. He has served in Reconnaissance, Mortar, Scout/Sniper, and Forward Observer Platoons. He is an OIF combat veteran and a graduate of many leadership, tactical, operational, and specialty schools. He currently serves as a Senior Infantry Instructor with both 1-183 & 1-166 INF Regional Training Institutes.