The Bhang Group, LLC

Family Medical Practice

The Bhang Group, LLC is a Family Medical Practice located at :

The Meridian Building

Address:1320 Main St. Suite 300

Columbia, SC 29201

Ph. (803) 724-1250

that offers “Affordable Healthcare Services ” to those whom are: Uninsured,  Underinsured or have a High-Deductible by providing Quality Services at Affordable Prices.

We offer our Technology Portal with both Telemedicine and Virtual Medicine options for those to use as a convenient way too see a Medical Provider.  We have a myriad of Services and are Tri-Care Approved as a Family Practice too use for Veterans.  So go to our website: and see how we can help you.

Owner Profile

Fitzgerald Gatson/Prunetta Brunson

Prunetta Brunson, APRN is a Nurse Practitioner, C.E.O. with over (20) years experience as a Medical Provider.  Having held Multiple Roles throughout her Career from: Registered Nurse, Nurse Educator, Administrator-On-Duty/ A.O.D. to Hospitalist,  she brings a " Broad Based Care" Perspective to The Bhang Group, LLC. An Advocate for Veterans she has fought to be a "Private Provider with Public Access" so those who need Affordable Healthcare Services will have the ability to get Access to Care through The Bhang Group,  LLC.