The Patriot Moose

Custom, hand-painted flags

The Patriot Moose recognizes that there are individuals whose lives best represent the ideals of loyalty, honor, selfless service, and personal courage. It is these men and women who dedicated their lives to answering the call of their nation, state, or community. We work with families and friends to create custom, hand-painted flags that serve as gifts or memorials in remembrance of the lifetime of service fulfilled by their heroes.

Owner Profile

Bryan Suhr and Kelly Crespin

Bryan Suhr is a commissioned officer in the Army National Guard, and is currently on active duty in Arlington, Virginia. Born and raised in Michigan, Bryan lived in South Carolina for over twenty years before moving to Virginia in 2014. He is a father, dog lover, is a passionate American patriot, a an avid fan of Michigan Wolverines football and basketball, Clemson Tigers football, and the New England Patriots. He holds a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and is a part-time head coach of a functional fitness program for military service members. Bryan handles the logistics and marketing for The Patriot Moose, paints the Stars and Stripes for all custom orders before sending it to his partner for custom artwork, and then applies the finishing touches (sealing, hardware, and plaques) before delivering them to customers. Kelly Crespin is a mother, educator, artist, squirrel lover, and Methodist Children’s Ministries Director. A native of New York and Oklahoma, Kelly lived in Texas for twenty years before moving to Virginia in 2014. Kelly’s family has members of three military branches, with her father having served twenty years in the Air Force. Kelly has a passion for creativity, and is known for painting murals both at church and her home. Kelly does all the custom art work for The Patriot Moose, ranging from business and organizational logos to military insignia and emblems.