The Warrior Solution

Pro-Gun & Patriotic Apparel + YouTube Gear Reviewer

The Warrior Solution is a veteran-owned small business that was founded by Jeremy Steffel and his wife, Heather, in 2018. We sell custom-designed t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, canvas prints, posters, etc. We also have a YouTube channel and blog section on our website, specifically for gear reviews, product testing, advice, training, and more.

Owner Profile

Jeremy Steffel

My name is Jeremy Steffel. I joined the VA Army National Guard as an 11B Infantryman in 2008, became part of the Virginia state shooting team in 2013, won some state and regional shooting matches, and went on to become the second person in the history of the VA National Guard to become Double Distinguished. I was also a member of the All Guard International shooting team, representing the US National Guard against our allies in various shooting matches around the world. I founded The Warrior Solution in 2018 with a vision of starting out selling unique shirts and clothing to support the 2nd Amendment, America, the military, police, etc. My vision and goal for the company is much larger and includes becoming a full retail website, selling all things guns, gear, and accessory-related. I also started a YouTube channel under the same name to review gear, guns, accessories, and any products that are specifically marketed towards members of the military and police. My presentation style is sort of a "fact or crap," no-BS opinion about gear from a tactical instructor with lots of trigger time and a good sense of humor.