The Welton Financial Group, Primerica Financial Services

Financial Freedom Begins Today

Everything we do we believe starts with people.
We believe in correcting an injustice by disrupting the financial services industry status quo.
We change lives through our innovative customer-centric approach with a revolutionary and unique distribution process.
We do this by empowering and educating families nationwide using cutting edge technology and world class products.

“With us, you’re going to find the peace with your finances you’ve been searching for.” 

Owner Profile

Tom & Kym Welton

Tom is a military veteran with 6 years active duty in the US Navy and 13 years as a senior executive with the US government.  He left federal service as a GS-15 to pursue a business with his wife in financial services to help a community desperately in need of a financial education.  In addition to helping our clients, our mission is to serve Colorado and support the shop local initiative keeping money in our local economy.