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Our collection of handcrafted, American-made goods is both functional and stylish for your kitchen.

Owner Profile

Cynthia Luckett

Combining her love for Jesus Christ, wearing flip flops, and sewing, Cynthia began making unique, flip flop shaped pillows in Christian themed fabrics as "prayer pillows" for children and young adults. Pillows soon expanded to pot grabbers then aprons then chicken hot pads. Being disabled Army Veterans, Cynthia and her husband Tim, have lived across the world in many different places, however, they currently reside in Oklahoma as they continue to raise and guide their last two boys through high school. In addition to sewing for the business, Cynthia enjoys participating at church, piecing together quilts, watching the antics of her chickens and ducks, planting a garden, and being outside with her black lab Crispy.