Whats in your Beard?

We create Handmade Grooming products for Men. We have a full line of products  created specifically for men such as beard oils, balms, beard wash, mustache wax, hair pomade & more. For our clean shaven men we also create hand poured shave soap.  We use only high quality ingredients and suppliers & always choose Organic Ingredients whenever possible!

We are a Shannon & Matt Alexander, a husband and wife team of 13+ years who combined their Marine Corps background, Medical Expertise,  and a high standard for quality into a line of skincare and grooming products that we can be proud of. We personally test every product we produce and we believe quality speaks for itself. Each of our products are handmade by us. From design & labeling to production right down to the shipping we handle each step personally.

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Owner Profile

Shannon & Matthew Alexander

Matt Joined the Marine Corps in 2002 and was stationed in 29 Palms Ca. In 2007 Matt and Shannon married and started their family. Together they have 5 children  as well as full time careers. Matt started a career in Sheet Metal/Welding and Shannon works in Surgery. In 2018 they started their own company with the desire to create better skincare & grooming products with a focus on quality ingredients without unnecessary dyes and harsh chemicals and fillers.