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The Veteran Doctor Podcast seeks to research and discuss current Veteran centric topics that analyze current cultural, political, and legal issues by carefully defining terms, making the best arguments for each side, and landing wherever the facts demand.One thing that has been discovered is that there is a lack of knowledge on the availability of resources and how to properly navigate the system upon exiting military service. This podcast’s purpose is to help fill this gap of knowledge and guide veterans to the resources and information that they so deserve.

Recently released book on Amazon in Digital and Paperback versions called “Veteran Resources & Transition Guide.” Research, Knowledge, and Resources for your Transition into Civilian Life and Beyond! The current problem in our society demonstrates that many veterans, when they transition out of the military, do not have the knowledge, training, or resources to reintegrate back into civilian society properly in their efforts to survive. They do not know where to go, what to do, and do not even have a plan to survive in the civilian world. This guide is intended to educate, provide evidence and research, and provide knowledge and resources to veterans in the effort to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of veteran issues and help veterans understand and survive their transitional experience after military separation. The purpose of the Veteran Reintegration Guide is to provide ONE-STOP and QUICK REFERENCEsource of RESEARCH, KNOWLEDGE, and RESOURCES for veterans to easily reference in the effort to help educate veterans on the issues and process of transitioning out of the military, what to do once they get out, develop a plan, and provide resources to help make life a little easier during and after that experience. Additional information has been added for SURVIVORS BENEFITS for surviving widows and a MILITARY 101 class to help educate the civilian workforce on military culture and lifestyle. An additional intent of this guide is to make it a LIVING DOCUMENT by taking input from readers and providers on information and resources, providing FREE ANNUAL UPDATES to veterans on the ever-changing and developing process of transitioning and resources. This guide will provide a resource of knowledge to veterans helping guide them through their journey of transition.

This Veteran Blog is for anyone who desires quicker access to information that is researched and resourced to help Veterans through their challenges and issues that they face daily as they transition out of their military careers. There are three plans available depends on you information requirements from monthly, weekly, to unlimited which includes access to all blog topics, classes, all special features of the site.




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Dr. John Heintzelman

Dr. John Heintzelman, host of the podcast, is a Las Vegas based Retired Combat Airborne Infantry Veteran, Technical Writer/Graphic Illustrator, Sports and Performance Psychologist, Research Psychologist, and a published author. With a passion for thoughtful research and free speech, John draws on his real world experience to discern the modern veteran issues that challenge today's culture and propose potential and realistic solutions and compromises to these issues. He welcomes suggestions and criticism and can be reached through the contact form.